When should I make the decision to start counseling for my anxiety?

If you are reading this, more than likely anxiety is affecting you or someone you love in a negative way. Anxiety can affect every area of life and can range from feeling like a nuisance to being completely debilitating. Anxiety looks different in everyone who experiences it, but here are the most common symptoms:

You feel worried most days, everyday or multiple times a day

It’s hard for you to control your worry

You feel irritable and have trouble enjoying things you used to do

You have physical symptoms like headaches, stomach issues, muscle/joint pain especially when you are stressed

You struggle with giving up control and letting go

You have panic attacks that make it difficult to breathe, think clearly or regain emotional control

You are critical of your body and your appearance causing you to restrict what you eat, how you dress and your activities

You want to feel better and enjoy your life again!

Specialty Areas of Treatment Related to Anxiety

General Anxiety that occurs in women, girls and anyone identifying as LGBTQ

Anxiety related to work, relationships, parenting and family

Phobias that are getting in the way of your life

Social Anxiety that makes it hard to be around others and connect

Body Image anxiety that affects your confidence and self-esteem


Unresolved emotions and trauma from childhood

If you want to stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling in control, schedule your appointment today! It’s as easy as clicking on the link, viewing my availability and finding a time that works for you!