Kink: More than Just a Safe Word

Kink: More than Just a Safe Word

80.00 90.00

Time: 12:45-4 pm

Date: 10/25/2019

Location: 1207 Grandview Ave. Suite 216. Columbus, Ohio 43212

Clinicians will learn the basics of Kink in order to provide inclusive treatment. This course will cover the following:

  • Debunking myths related to Kink sexual behavior and lifestyle

  • Building familiarity with important terms related to Kink sexuality and relationships

  • Understanding therapeutic considerations when treating clients in the Kink community

  • Identifying helpful resources to support Kink positive care

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There is an increased need for clinicians to be able to meet the needs of clients who engage in alternative sexual experiences.  A study that assessed clinician’s attitudes towards BDSM found that only 48% of clinicians surveyed feel they are competent in BDSM lifestyles and behaviors (Kelsey, Stiles,Spiller, & Diekhoff, 2013), yet 76% of the same group reported having to treat at least one client who engaged in BDSM.  This class will help clinicians understand the clients who present with alternative lifestyles and experiences. It will cover common myths, terminology, and resources along with clinical considerations when working with kink focused relationships. It will also discuss managing counter transference and personal bias within the therapy room. 

This course is approved for 3 CEUs through the Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist Board.

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