The Magic of Sand Tray Therapy

Have you ever watched a child play creatively? Children express their thoughts and feelings through play, they process experiences and emotions during play. As adults, we often overlook the power that creative play has on our ability to heal.

Often in sessions people express that they don’t know why they feel a certain way. Sometimes they feel blank and confused. Sometimes the emotions or memories are overwhelming. In these situations, frustration can arise from the difficulty accessing words to explain or to understand.

Sand Tray therapy can lead to incredible growth in these moments. You are offered a large tray filled with soft sand and shelves of miniatures that hold endless possibilities, We will identify a particular situation, thought, feeling, conflict, etc that you would like to work on. You have time to sink you fingers into the sand, peruse the figures and choose the ones that speak to you. Often your choices will not make sense to you in the moment. After you create the small world on the sand tray, we will spend time talking about what it represents and the emotions that are present during sand tray. I might prompt you to alter or create a new world based on our conversation.

The experience of sand tray therapy creates an emotional release. If you have experienced trauma you are particularly suited for this therapy as it is not threatening and doesn’t provide any pressure to explain, make eye contact or face the trauma in a direct way.

I use sand tray therapy in conjunction with traditional therapy as well as hypnotherapy.

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