About Me 

Levana Slabodnick, LISW-S


My Story

In many ways the work that I do in my practice mirrors the journey that I have been on for my own anxiety. For much of my life, I tried my best to pretend that everything was okay on the outside, while struggling with overwhelming fear and panic on the inside. It wasn’t until I learned that I don’t have to be perfect, that I began to see my value. I sought out ways to empower myself in all aspects of my life and now I help my clients do the same. I want each person that I work with to know that they are valuable, important and worthy of happiness.

What you can expect when you work with me

In our work together, you can expect that I will show up for you 100%. I see who you are and I accept and understand where you are coming from. I don’t use therapist-y words because we have real conversations about very real things. Warning: There may be some cursing involved! When you work with me, I am totally invested in your success towards your goals, whatever they may be. As a result, I hold you accountable for your actions because I believe in the power you have in your own life. My clients appreciate my insight and perspective as well as my unwavering hope and optimism about their abilities. They also enjoy my dark sense of humor and the laughter I bring during tough times.

The people closest to me tell me that I am compassionate, comforting and confident. You can be sure that I will be direct and honest in our session and that I relate to you more than you ever could know. I am outspoken and this quality has contributed to me becoming a leader and an advocate for your empowerment. I don’t believe that therapy is a quick fix. I know that we need to go below the surface to get to the root of what is standing in your way. I don’t want to put a band-aid on what is visible, I want to heal what is not.

My commitment to you…..

I will always take stand for you, even when it is difficult for you to stand up for yourself. I feel a responsibility to empower you and to support you in finding your voice. And that moment when I witness you finding your voice and finally using it, makes it all worth it.

My education and experience

I earned a BA in Psychology and a Master’s of Social Work both from The Ohio State University. I am a licensed independent social worker as well as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have worked in addictions, pediatric mental health, community mental health and hospital social work. The diversity of my background has laid a foundation for being able to provide competent, holistic care.