Mindset Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs

Changing your mindset, changing your business, changing your life

You are a successful business woman with ambition, drive and passion. Your business means more to you than just a paycheck. It represents your goals, your vision and your legacy. You put your heart and soul into your work everyday and you see the payoff, but….


You find yourself exhausted at the end of each day feeling like you never have enough time or energy to accomplish your goals. Although your business is succeeding, it’s not thriving in the ways that you know are possible. You take on so much with too little support. You have big dreams for your business and feel frustrated with the obstacles that seem impossible to overcome. You also know that a big part of what stands in the way to your ultimate success is… you!


My experience as both a therapist for women and as an entrepreneur puts me in a unique position to provide you with the best coaching experience possible for you and your business. MINDSET COACHING is about exploring the emotions, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that prevent you from reaching your full potential. The women I work with are high achieving and successful but have certain mindset blocks that are standing in the way of growth potential. I will help you explore these parts of yourself- your insecurities, fears and negative thinking. Once we are able to figure what your barriers are, we get to BLOW THEM UP!

The role I play in your mindset coaching is part accountability holder, part therapist, part business guru and part… partner. You will be given tools to clarify your vision for your business and personal life, set goals to reach this vision and identify areas of growth to conquer your goals.


What makes Mindset Coaching with me so valuable?

You can expect to get to know yourself on a very deep, real level

You can expect to understand what aspects of your thoughts, emotions and beliefs have been impeding your success in your business

You can expect to improve how you solve problems, make connections and reach your goals

You can expect all of the above to cause massive changes in the way you show up as an entrepreneur

You can expect to make an IMPACT!

The Details

Cost: $1550 for 3 months of coaching:

2 hour consultation comprised of mindset assessment and initial goal setting

Weekly hour long coaching sessions and access via phone and text

***Ask about Hypnosis as an add on service!***

When you make the decision to invest in mindset coaching, you are investing in the future of your business. You are investing in your vision. You are investing in YOU!

Mindset coaching is a three month program to help you identify and transform long standing self sabotaging beliefs, emotions and behaviors. During the three months, we will have intensive, personalized sessions that cover the following:

-Clarifying your vision and how you will bring it to life

-Goal setting and accountability

-Exploring and challenging self defeating emotions and behaviors

-Developing confidence, power and knowledge in your field

-Creating connection and influence in your business relationships

-Tackling Imposter Syndrome

-Setting yourself up for success!

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