Your relationship with food and your body has a significant impact on your emotional and physical health

When you consider your relationship with food and your body, how would you describe it? Do you believe that if you can lose enough weight you will finally be happy? Are you always on a diet, restricting the amounts and the varieties of foods you have access to? Would you characterize yourself as having an eating disorder? Do you feel that you are only worthy of love if you are a ceratin size?

For many, our relationship with our bodies and food often became distorted at a young age as a result of outside pressure and role models who were constantly trying to lose weight or “be healthy”. We might have been put on diets ourselves as children or ridiculed for our weight. Research proves that fat shaming and bullying by parents, siblings, peers and even medical professionals decreases our health outcomes and increases our size. The rollercoaster of dieting, restriction, bingeing, purging and/or overexercising ravishes our bodies and souls. Where food was once an enjoyable comfort, it has become the enemy, something to beat. The message today about being thin is wrapped up in “health” at all costs.

Everyday in my practice I help people just like you learn to love themselves, just as they are today and to let go of body anxiety. I help you learn to trust your body’s natural hunger and fullness cues to guide your eating. I help you end the shame and diet cycle once and for all.

I offer the following for people interested in working on improving their body image and anxiety:

  • Learn to identify where you learned negative messages about your body and why they are so hard to ignore

  • Bring awareness to the triggers that affect you currently and keep your anxiety active

  • Become educated about new, gentler ways to approach health and your relationship with food and exercise

  • Feel empowered to not only accept, but love the person you are

  • Develop new ways to communicate with others that will promote your self esteem and self confidence


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Approaches to Eating Disorder and Body Image Treatment

Body Acceptance Focused Treatment

You might have heard the term body acceptance being used in social media, on TV and in print to describe feeling good about your body. This message has good intentions but often gets misconstrued as loving your body when it is healthy or a certain size. True body acceptance involves radical self acceptance of yourself, as you are, TODAY. It means that you believe that all bodies are good bodies, regardless of their size, color, health or ability. Some people use the term body liberation to describe the ability to NOT assign moral value to our body’s size and shape.

Health at Every Size

The treatment that I provide in my practice is completely geared toward body acceptance in every way. My goal is help you feel empowered and embrace who are you are, mind, body and spirit. I practice from a Health at Every Size (HAES) approach which is based on the premise that health comes in all shapes and sizes (and is research based!). HAES has brought relief, recovery and reinvigoration to millions of people who have suffered with chronic dieting and eating disorders. Slowly but surely, the medical profession is getting board with the fact that health cannot be determined by size and that dieting is detrimental to one’s health. If you are ready to regain health without dieting, this approach is for you!

Intuitive Eating

In addition to HAES, I encourage you to explore the concept of Intuitive Eating as a solution to chronic dieting and disordered eating. Intuitive Eating is principled in a simple yet seemingly illusive concept for most of us, which is that we can trust our bodies to tell us when, what and how much to eat. Remember when you were young and you ate what you wanted and stopped when you were full? When and why did that change for you? Was it after your first diet or when you saw family members eating in a restrictive way? Was your enjoyment and feeling of satisfaction from food replaced with obsessions and guilt? I can help you learn to heal your relationship with food so that you can focus on what is really important in life.

Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy

I use several methods of intervention to help you find inner peace and success. I see you as the driver of your treatment and I am your guide. I will offer suggestions and guidance, but ultimately you are in charge of the direction of your journey. You may find that traditional psychotherapy that is rooted in finding meaning and feminism is more your pace. You could decide that you’d like to go even deeper in hypnotherapy. You might even be seeking short term treatment for a specific issue. I tailor our sessions to your needs and desires.